Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mothering with Pain

Good morning!
I'd like to say Happy Wednesday, but I'm a little blue.  Ahh....Happy Wednesday!  I'm trying desperately to hold onto my good spirits even though a knee injury that I suffered 5 weeks ago while playing tennis.  It is interrupting my sleep and drastically curtailing my activities.


I have mothered in pain before.  However, this time is different because I'm in pain and not very mobile.  I find myself getting short with the kids when one at a time they want something to drink, help going potty and forget to close the back door.  All of which necessitate me getting up off and walking around.

The summer started out wonderful.  We taught Gavin how to ride a bike and now he can bike to the ice cream shop.  I started to teach all the kids my favorite sport, tennis.  Admittedly, the triplets think their tennis racquet is a golf club and just whack at the tennis balls on the ground, but Gavin has gotten quite good at hitting the ball over the net.  Our weekly trip to the ice rink, so Owen could make snow angles and the others could ice skate, was put on hiatus.  Family soccer when Dad got home from work was another activity that brought the family joy.  

Biking at the Manasquan Resevoir

Now I'm a bit of a lump.  I feel badly that I'm not doing all these activities with the kids.  Thankfully, they seem quite happy.  We have gone to Nana & PopPop's pool more frequently than before my injury  and they've spent a lot more time with their favorite babysitters.  The happiest glowing from their faces and the slits their eyes turn into at night indicate that they are very active and enjoying their summer.  This gimp heart is relieved that a fluke knee injury while playing tennis with my father didn't ruin their summer, which ultimately means that my summer wasn't ruined either.

Here's to an injury-free school year!

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