Thursday, November 29, 2012

Infertility Linked to 'Huddle' Gene

This is a very interesting article, which (down the road) could give hope to a lot of infertile couples - specially if you believe in gene-therapy.  
Scientists have identified a gene which could help solve the problem of infertility in humans.  A team at the University of Edinburgh conducted a study with fruit flies, where they discovered that when the gene SRPK is missing, chromosomes do not 'huddle' together.
Oocyte (Human Egg)

They huddling process, they believe, is necessary to ensure the egg's healthy development and fertilisation.  Chromosomes are thread-like structures which contain a person's DNA, and when they divide it can lead to sterility and low fertility, according to the study.
Previous research in mice has shown that the huddling process is essential in order for eggs to remain fertile, the scientists said.

Here's a link to the full article.

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