Friday, February 3, 2017

Cancer Risk of Vegetables - Lesson #3

My apologies for my "lessons" not really being in an order (other than the first two).  I tend to research and learn about topics that are on my mind.  As I wait patiently for my next doctor's appointment to learn more about the asymmetric mass in my breast, I am trying to find a way to feel in control.  I definitely can control what I eat and drink.
There are so many books and research articles about the benefits of a vegan diet on your body - heart, colon and overall cancer, heart disease and stroke risk.  But I thought I would summarize one small part of the vegan diet and that is vegetables.  Mainly how your cancer risk changes with the consumption of vegetables.
The possibility that fruit and vegetables may help to reduce the risk of cancer has been studied for over 40 years.  However, no protective effects have been firmly established between fruit and vegetable in take and reduced cancer risk.  This study looked at different types of cancer and the effects of a diet high in vegetables had on cancer.  It did find that there was "probably cause" between vegetable consumption and colon cancer, but no relationship between vegetables and breast cancer, my current focus.
Then I found this study on cruciferous vegetables and cancer risk.  I thought that surely this study would find that the holy cruciferous vegetable had to have a positive effect on reducing cancer risk.  Not only was there no relationship found; this study also looked at a lot of other studies.  Again, no relationship was found between cruciferous vegetables and cancer risk.
The only known way to reduce cancer risk is to loose weight, stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.
The studies that I found did not support what I read in books about an anti-cancer diet, vegan cookbooks and just my overall assumptions about healthy food and its effects on your body.  In my opinion, which is not supported by any masters or Phd degrees on health and medicine, food does have a profound effect on your body.  I think I just found the wrong studies to read!  
I am going to stick with my vegan diet and see how I feel over the next few weeks.