Friday, July 13, 2012

Ode to Opu

My First Baby - Opu

Opu Summer 2011 - Enjoying the Sprinker
Opu is our very much loved black labrador retriever.  I got him when we was 40lbs and 4 months old.  Now he is eleven years old (yikes) about 90-95lbs.  He has arthritis in all his joints, but his right shoulder is the worst.  He started complaining (moaning and refusing to go up and downstairs) in January.  

My veterinarian, my beloved cousin, Jen, prescribed him some medicine and it seemed like I had my puppy back.  However, at the beginning of this week, he started yelping, crying and moaning again.  Dr. Jen let me double up his medicine and he seemed ok for an afternoon.  The last two nights, he woke Brian and me up with his cries and moans.  It's sad and breaks my heart, because I know additional medicine is only going to pro-long his life by months - not years.  

Opu has seen me through tough times.  He dealt with my single life in NYC - the ups and downs of dating.  The death of my Godmother, who meant the world to me.  He listened to me when we were planning our wedding.  Helped me deal with my migraines when I was pregnant with Gavin.

Opu and Me (pregnant with Gavin)
Opu, much to popular myth, loved Gavin from the moment we brought him home.  Opu would sleep right under Gavin's crib and curl up next to me on the couch when I was feeding Gavin.

Opu - Love at First Site
Opu sat next to me and kissed my legs, when I cried over a miscarriage or failed IUI.  He consoled me continuously through the triplet pregnancy.  Always sitting right next to me and giving me encouragement.  

Opu and Brian enjoying the Pool
My beloved lab shares the trait of most labs.  He is happiest near food and drink.  At this very minute, he just finished moaning, so he could walk over to the to the deserted plate of waffles.

I'm hopeful that the new medicine he is on will help him enjoy the summer - probably his last summer.

I will always love you Opu, my very first baby.

**Opu passed away on September 24, 2012 - exactly two months before his 12 birthday.  I started a new post about all his crazy adventures during his.  However, his death is still too painful - maybe next month.

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