Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

Good morning!
Well, in light of the fact that our dog, Opu, is really struggling and keeping me awake at night, I feel wide awake (could be the mocha) and recharged.  Life feels full of possibilities (could be the babysitters coming this morning to give me some free time) and full of happiness.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday the 13th and that you feel light and springy too.

I have written half of a fictionalized book that is somewhat of an epilogue to my first book.  I've had some fun and scary moments with the kids during their first two years of life that I wanted to capture in a book.  However, I needed an over-arching story, which is the part that is fictionalized.

Don't even ask me how this happened? (Liam)

I worked best with deadlines (HATE to be late, which is enough to get me to sit down and work), so I decided that I'll commit to publishing the first chapter of the new book (Four's Enough - tentative title) by the end of September.  I'll be honest, I'm cheating a little bit.  The first chapter is already written.  In fact, I've written the first few chapters and the last few chapters and some sporadic ones in the middle.  I don't know why I write this way, but I find that I write what I am in the mood for writing.  Some chapters have deep emotions in them, which makes me get all emotional.  I'm not always in the mood to deal with such emotions, so I write lighter chapters.  However, I do need to edit the chapter and I find that takes a lot longer than writing the first draft.

Owen:  Too tired for comfort!

Wish me luck with my next book.  I enjoy writing and hope that some of you are enjoying reading my writing.  Maybe one day my writing will get good enough that I can find a traditional publisher for my book(s), but if not, then...oh I don't know, life continues as it has been, which for me has been wonderful!

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