Tuesday, January 31, 2017

First Things First....LOVE

First things First


I have always told my kids and have always believed that love is the most important thing in the world.  It was one of the first words my children learned.

First Words:
Gavin - hot, because we were at my parents' house a lot and they had their gas fireplace on.  We needed to teach Gavin not to touch the fire place

Anna - cookie.  Well, like most kids, Anna likes cookies...still does!

Owen - car.  Unfortunately for my face, Owen love Matchbox cars...he really liked throwing them at my face!

Liam - Ma.  I'd like to think he was really saying Mom!

It's hard not to get caught up in money.  We need money for everything...even going to the beach, at least in New Jersey!  I'd love to have an updated kitchen, a bigger bathroom for the kids, and at least a month a year (a week at a time) where I do nothing but sit on a beach in 80F weather.  All of these things cost money...oh wait, the kids want to play tennis, soccer, baseball, dance, go to birthday parties and have their own birthday parties.  All of which cannot be done without money.

But when it comes down to it...why do I have my embroidery business...get up at 6am to work on my orders, because, because of love.  I love my kids (& my husband).  I want them to be happy.  Making them happy, makes me happy.  What would all this be, if it weren't for love?

We talk every night at dinner with our children.  We don't repeat the same stories every night, but we do often talk of love.  The love that brought Brian and I together.  The love we have and had for a family.  The love that will live on past our existence on earth.

There is a saying that there is no love like the love of a mother.  As a mother, I believe this to be true. However, admittedly and obviously, I have never been a father, so how am I to know how a father feels.  I do tell my kids that no one will ever love them the way I love them and I believe that everyone on this planet can say that, because we are all different.

Regardless of whether I love you more than your father, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, and children, regardless of whether I am near or far or dust in the ocean, I love you, Brian, Gavin, Anna, Owen and Liam.  I hope that you always remember that I taught you how important love is and that you aren't scared of it and run from it.  Your hearts are pure...let the love flow freely to and from your heart.

Your loving mother,

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