Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Breast Cancer and Vegan

So, I haven't been fully honest and since my kids don't know this blog exists yet...here goes.

I have an asymmetrical mass in my right breast.  I do not know if if is cancer yet.  I'm still holding out hope that it's benign, but sometimes waves of grief roll over me and I get really sad.  Sad for what might be and sad for what I might miss.  It will be the second time in three years that I've been seriously ill.  Is that all my kids are going to remember from their childhood?

Should I adopt a vegan diet?  I'm not sure.  I was actually vegan for 10 years from 25 to 35 years old. That was when I was single and lived alone.  I didn't have to make food for anyone else. I did not have kids to consider or a husband, or grandparents who might think I'm starving my kids.

Ok, it's actually an easy decision.  I know all the benefits of a vegan diet.  It's good for your heart, colon, great for fighting cancer.  It's also really good for the environment...not to mention the animals.

Tomorrow, whether I have cancer or not, I'm going to go back to being Vegan.  Tonight, I'm having potatoes au gratin and a salad...almost vegan!  My husband is not feeling well.  I've learned that is not the time to start a conversation that he might not be so willing to have!

When I was vegan before, these were my favorite vegan books (some are updated versions):
1.  Veganomicon
2.  Vegan 101
3.  Gaia's Kitchen

I'm very excited to try out the Vegan Casseroles cookbook.  I love baking casseroles, because I can prepare all the dishes while the kids are at school.

I'll let you know tomorrow what I eat and make for the kids.

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