Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I am Dying

There I said it!

No, I don't have a disease or something tragic going on...It's just that I am passed the birth and growth stages and am now in the decaying to death stage.  You might guess that I am "old" or maybe you think I'm "young."  Both are relative terms, so it depends on where you are in life...  I am 46 years old; probably passed my half-way point.

I don't think of myself as morbid or depressed.  I rather believe that I am logical yet also emotional.  My grandparents never made it to 50 years old.  Growing up, I had two very good friends' mothers and neighbors die at 42 years old (one of cancer and the other from a car accident).  Whose to say I'm better than my grandparents.  Fifty percent of who I am came from them.

However, as I had 5 Strands of Hope when I was pregnant with my triplets.  I have hope now, but I am going to prepare, just in case I don't live long enough to see my daughter get her period, first boyfriend, go to college, med school, get married and have her own kids....or other firsts for my boys.

I know my husband, mother and sister would think I'm crazy for doing this and maybe I am.  Though I've always like the saying, "Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best!"  This blog just might be something my daughter and I laugh about when she is older.  But for now, I'am going to prepare for the worst.

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