Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Premature Babies Twice as Likely to Suffer from Mental Disorders

This should have been part of my post about a mothers' fears.  I am one of those people who wants to know all that could go wrong so that I can be prepared.  Then when it hopefully doesn't happen, then at least I've gained some knowledge that I can pass on to someone else.  

My triplets were born at 34 weeks and one day.  They definitely fall into the premature baby  category and I am constantly looking at new research regarding premature babies.  Today, I happen to stumble upon an article in the Irish Independent, which stated a study in which the following was found: 

"Babies born at 36 weeks gestation or earlier had double the chance of being admitted to hospital for mental disorders as those born on term, while those born at 32 weeks or earlier had three times the risk."

It made me gulp.  So far, my three seem like normal three year olds.  However, as they enter their teen years, I will have this study in the back of my mind.  I am told it will be hard to decipher "normal" teenage behavior with more serious conditions.  You can bet, though, that I'll be the mother rushing my teenagers to the therapist to see if they hate me because I'm their mother and they are teenagers or if it is because of some underlying condition.  

How does this make you feel?  Please leave a comment.

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