Monday, June 18, 2012

Stress Kills Your Chances

Stress Kills Your Chances of Making a Baby

There is an interesting article in the Times of India website, which states that Stress is the leading cause for the rise in infertility.  This study's took place in India.  However, I believe, its findings are relevant across the cultures and continents.

Only a few years ago, women were solely blamed for infertility, because it was not diagnosed in men.  Doctors in India have concluded that the cause for infertility is roughly 1/3 men, 1/3 women and 1/3 men/women combination.

Dr Shreyas Padgaonkar, an IVF expert from Mumbai, India, expressed deep concern over the increasing obesity in young girls and exposure of rural men to pesticides. Dr. Padgaonkar said that very few women know that their bodies contain both the male and the female hormones. The fat that gets deposited in young girls stimulates an increase in production of estrogen which disturbs the hormonal balance.  This imbalance directly affects the ovulation cycle and causes an unpredictable menstruation cycle," he said.

Men in India who work in agriculture don't wear any protective gear.  These men have very low sperm count.  Men who work or live near heavy environmental pollution areas also have low sperm counts.  Dr. Padgaonkar said that even though there is very little research in this field, he believes that pesticides and pollution negatively affects the motility, count and functions of the sperm.

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