Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Birth of a Blog

I want to thank my dear friend, Mary Conway, for inviting us to her son's Holy Communion last night.  At first, I was dreading it.  Not because I don't love Mary or her family and not because I don't like to have fun, but because it was a family party and it started at 7pm.  That's is my children's bedtime.

The triplets, Anna, Liam and Owen, will be three on May 30th and Gavin is 4 1/2.  The triplets rarely nap these days; however, they still have frequent tantrums.  Having four exhausted children was not something that I was looking forward to.  As I sit her at the computer and the only sound I hear is the tapping of the keyboard.  I want to drive over to Mary's house and kiss her toes and those of her husband and of her gorgeous kids, Aidan and Eileen.

Thank you Mary, Tom, Aidan and Eileen, not only for a great party last night, but for the tranquil Sunday afternoon that I am currently enjoying.

Love to you,

Here are chapters of my book, Five Strands of Hope:

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