Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Morning After

Good morning!
Never in my life did I think when I thought about "the morning after" would it refer to publishing a book. When I was in elementary school there was a scary movie that I watch at Karen W's house about the day after a nuclear bomb hits...wait it might have been called The Day After.  In high school, "the morning after" was usually after a big party. My college days were filled with "morning afters," but for the sake of this being a public blog, you can let your mind run wild with what those "morning afters" were all about.

So, today, this morning, how do I feel...still a bit stressed, a little sore (ran a 5k on Saturday that sadly I wasn't prepared for) and anxious.  I will tell almost anyone (ok...anyone and everyone) that during the triplet pregnancy I swore that I never wanted to be pregnant again.  However, within milliseconds of hearing the babies' cries, I've wanted another (& another & another).  My husband has been trying to convince me that my book is my fifth child.  Seriously, I love my book and am happy that I have something tangible to give to my children, but it's not the same and I still would love another baby.

Maybe if my book helps a lot of women or just entertains a few, I'll feel differently about my book.  Maybe it'll become like a baby to me.  Nah...who am I kidding.  I love my children and I'd love the chance to have more children, but my book...well...it's just a book.  One that I've spent a log of time on and one that means a lot to me and maybe can offer some hope to others, but my fifth baby...sorry, Brian, I still want another :)

You can purchase my ebook for $0.99 on Amazon (see advertisement on the right) or read some chapters that I've published on the blog.

I wish you all a great day,

Here are some chapters of my book:

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