Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Help for Incompetent Cervix: A New Procedure

Novel laparoscopic procedure gives hope to multiple miscarriage cases
By PMA RasheedMay 21, 2012
DUBAI: Multiple abortions, a major infertility problem faced by an increasing number of women in the UAE, can now be prevented by a new laparoscopic procedure developed by a Dubai-based expert, who has reportedly performed the highest number of laparoscopic surgeries in the world.

Dr Hafeez Rahman, specialist laparoscopic and gynaecology surgeon and chairman of International Modern Hospital in Dubai, has introduced laparoscopic cerclage for prevention of recurrent pregnancy loss due to cervical incompetence.

This innovative mode of infertility treatment, which has gained wide popularity the world over, has been introduced for the first time in the region.

“The number of miscarriage cases with second trimester abortions is on the rise in the UAE, especially after one or two deliveries,” he said.

“More than 90 per cent of women, who underwent the laparoscopic cerclage procedure, have become successful in carrying a healthy baby. This treatment has now become a breakthrough for childless couples,” noted the Indian laparoscopic surgeon.

“I performed the procedure on two women, one of whom had 19 abortions and the other 13. However, both successfully delivered healthy babies, through Caesarian sections, which is the only drawback of this procedure. The patients receiving this treatment cannot have a normal delivery, but that is not a serious issue, if compared to the severe ordeal suffered by the women from continuous miscarriages,” Dr Hafeez pointed out.

Dr Fatin Khidr, obstetrics and gynaecology specialist at the hospital, said, “This is a useful procedure in such cases and a big breakthrough. Laparoscopic cervical cerclage can be performed during pregnancy or in non-pregnant women.”

“More patients now prefer laparoscopic cerclage procedure rather than open surgeries to prevent abortions to avoid the complexities and risks associated with open surgeries. But, there’s a shortage of highly-skilled surgeons to perform the laparoscopic procedure,” she added.

Dr Hafeez Rahman is among the only 10 surgeons in the world conducting this interventional procedure, which was pioneered four years ago. He has successfully performed about 80 laparoscopic cerclage procedures in five countries, including five in the UAE.

“Recurrent pregnancy loss is generally caused by birth defects such as a weak or incompetent cervix that shortens or opens too early in pregnancy. The cervical cerclage procedure involves placing a stitch around the upper part of the cervix to keep it closed to prevent abortion,” he explained.
Dr Hafeez was listed in the Guinness World Records for conducting 50,000 laparoscopic surgeries around the world. He regularly conducts laparoscopic surgeries in a number of hospitals in the UAE, India, the UK, Australia and other Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

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