Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miracle Workers Save Babies' Lives

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the day I held my little girl for the first time.  A little girl that I dreamt of having since I can remember my dreams.  A little girl, who funny enough, is a better-looking version of me.  She shares a birthday with two of her three brothers.  I adore them as much as I adore her.  However, I know with certainty that my triplets should not be here.  They were destined for heaven before they had a chance to live.

My cervix was only five millimeters thick.  It was supposed to be 450 millimeters (or 4.5 cm).  I researched incompetent cervix on the Internet and found the Incompetent Cervix Support Forum.  Post after post contained stories of other mother's who lost babies with cervixes thicker than mine.  Mothers who lost one, two and even more babies to this dreadful condition.  My cervix, as thick as five strands of hair, and I had something these other women didn't have, The Miracle Workers at Maternal-Fetal Medicine in New York City, specifically Dr. Nathan Fox and Dr. Andrei Rebarber.

If you visit their website, it boldly states that they blend Hi-Tech & Compassion.  I'd challenge that.  Yes, they are hi-tech and yes, they are compassionate, but I'm not so sure that hi-tech comes first.  The compassion I saw in Dr. Rebarber and Dr. Fox's eyes, their relaxed manner and wiliness to sit and comfort me, reassure me was more than anyone would ever expect from such highly sought after doctors.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of these men and their medical practice.  I can imagine the pain I would feel at having lost my babies and it terrifies me when I  think about what should have been.  However, I am lucky.  I am lucky that Dr. Ketly Michel referred to Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates.  I am lucky that Dr. Rebarber took me on as his patient and I'm lucky that he works with Dr. Fox.  I am lucky that they just happen to be compassionate doctors who are among the best in the world (my opinion, but probably could be backed up by fact).

Thank you Dr. Nathan Fox and Dr. Andrei Rebarber.

I will always think of you with love,

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