Saturday, May 19, 2012

Toddlers: Changes in Pediatric Dentistry

There was an article today in Yahoo! Health regarding toddlers at the dentist.  I took all my children around their first birthday to the dentist.  Part of my decision was due to the lack of fluoride in the water in the town we live in.  The dental technicians were wonderful.  My kids got to watch cartoons while their teeth were examined and then later when they all got fluoride.  My oldest boy, who had just turned 4, had two cavities (his two back molars cracked when he was in a taxi cab accident - it's in my book!).  He had to have a big, scary shot of novacaine, which brought tears to my eyes, but not his, prior to the drilling.  The dentist was very engaging and made him (& me) very comfortable during the entire procedure.

Below is an article from Yahoo! Health.  It's very informative; however, the pulling of wisdom is questioned in the dental community.  Here is the Mayo's Clinic take on the subject.

Tiny Tots in the Dentist's Chair Among Changes in Pediatric Dentistry

FRIDAY, May 18 (HealthDay News) -- If you've been to the dentist with your children recently, you may have noticed that things have changed since you were a kid.
Many dental offices are more kid-friendly these days, offering books and toys to pass the time in the waiting room and maybe even TV or videos to watch while they're getting dental work.
But, there have also been changes in the actual practice of children's dentistry. You probably never got dental sealants as a child, or had topical fluoride treatments. If you had your wisdom teeth removed, more than likely it was because they were causing a problem, but today those teeth may come out sooner to reduce the risk for complications.
Too see the full article click HERE.

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