Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is the "Right" Number of Children?

Clearly with four children, although only two successful pregnancies, I have my own idea on the "right"number of children, because I believe that all of mine were meant to be here.  However, popular thought is the following:

One - Population Control

Two - Parental Replacement

Three - Trying for a girl/boy, if first two are of the same sex.

Four or More - Too Many

What do you think is the number of children that families should have?  I'd love to know what you think.  Leave comments below.


  1. I think it's none of MY business how many children a couple decides to have. For me? I only wanted 3 but my third pregnancy ended up being triplets so I ended up with 5. As long as a couple can support and care for the number of children they want to have then I say go for it!

  2. Ha! Stephanie- the same thing happened to me! I had two boys and wanted a third child- ended up pregnant with triplets. :-) I'm happy with my five- and I agree that it's a personal choice, as long as you can provide for them.

  3. I agree with the both of you that it really is no one else's business. However, I see on other message boards that some women have negative feelings about people having more than two and most definitely more than three children. I know a woman who has nine children and I just feel that she is blessed, as she seems to love them all completely.

  4. As a Mom of 5 I would have more kids if God gave them to me. I struggled with PCOS long before I knew I had it. I have miscarried a set of twin boys @ 18 weeks & then a 8 wk single before having my now soon to be 17 yr old son. Then struggled with secondary infertility to ultimately lose another 11 wk single boy, which also ended up being the end of my first (young) marriage. I have since remarried and gained a beautiful step daughter (now 13). We wanted to have more kids together 1 or 2 but probably 2. We lost a 14wk girl and then more infertility which led to 6 IUI cycles with injectibles. I pushed my reproductive endocrinologist to up my meds to maybe get more than 1 or 2 good follicles, this was our last IUI cycle before we would move on to IVF. He reluctantly did he was afraid I would end up having hyper-stimulation syndrome complications (which I did) & I had 3 that looked like they might be big enough. I held my breath that maybe at least one would really release & fertilize. We even went ahead & had the IVF planning meeting & class as not to waste a cycle if the IUI did not work again while we waited to take the pregnancy test. We joked/talked about how if we had twins that would be great since then we would not have to do all this inftertilty treatment stuff again.
    Well, all 3 did! They of course told me to reduce to which I told them to go pound sand!
    I have 3 beautiful amazing fraternal triplet daughters! They waited until my scheduled C-section to arrive @ 35 weeks 1 day & really would have stayed longer as I walked around 5cm dilated for 3 weeks! I was lucky & blessed to have a smooth triplet pregnancy & birth, my girls were all take home babies, no NICU time for any of them, no health issues, they were 5.5# , 5.8#, & 6.5# & 18 & 19in. They came home with me when I was discharged & had roomed with me from day 2.
    I love being a Mom & would have more even though having a nearly 17 yr old & 13 yr old with 3 now 3 yr olds can be crazy at times. I look at my girls sometimes & can't imagine what my life would be without them & think how sad I would be if I had let them convince me to reduce.