Monday, May 14, 2012

Infertility Articles & Blogs that are Helpful

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In my past life, I worked in equity research.  My mother didn't know what I did until I took out all the Wall Street lingo and said that I researched specific companies and determined whether they were good investments or bad.  I spent almost all of my fourteen hours at the office on the computer and much of the time I was scouring the Internet looking for information that would help me decide if I should recommend investing in a company.

So here, I've compiled a list of websites, articles and other blogs that you might find help during your journey to get pregnant.  There are a lot of websites out there.  These are not all of the websites that I visited.  You may have found your favorite.  I'd love to know which article, websites and blogs that you love.



Get Healthy, Get Pregnant: The Fertility Diet - Answers to important questions about which foods are most—and least—fertility-friendly (A Harvard Study of over 17,000 Nurses)

Fat, Carbs and the Science of Conception - Newsweek Magazine

Healthy Sperm:  Improving your fertility (Healthy sperm aren't always a given.  Understand how lifestyle factors can affect your sperm and what you can do to improve your fertility.)

*** I love the Mayo Clinic website and use it to gain information on a whole host of medical issues.

Can Your Diet Affect Fertility? (published May 4, 2012)

Fertility Blogs

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