Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Free IVF Contest Draws Critics

Fertility Clinic Offers Free IVF Treatment to Winners of a Video Competition

The Sher institute, a network of eight fertility clinics, announced that there are three winners of its video competition, not just one.  Couples are asked to make a video no longer than five minutes that captured their struggle to start a family.  The 'I Believe Video Journal Project' was entered by 45 couples and was part of the Institute's advanced fertility treatment, but who cannot afford it.

Time magazine reported that even some of the judges questioned the competition's ethics.  "It felt like playing God,' Erika Tabke told the publication.  "As I selected them, I thought, this is unfair."  Erica is the founder of IVF Connections, a website for people going through infertility.  She did, however, applaud Sher for his generosity, but doubts she'll serve as a judge again.

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